BHUJANG ASANA:- (COBRA POSE)Life on your stomach with your face down wards and keep your feet together, with soles pointing upwards now inhale, and slowly raise the head, neck and shoulders. Arch your back, thus bending your spine as for as you can, looking upwards. Keep the lower half of your body to the ground. The arms may or may not be straight; this will depend on the flexibility of the back. Maintain this position as long as you are comfortable. To return to the starting position, slowly bring the head forward; release the upper back by bending the arms lower the navel, chest, shoulders and then the forehead to the floor. Relax the lower back muscles. This is one round of this Asana. Try to practice up to 5 rounds, gradually increasing the length of time in the final position.Prevention: People suffering from peptic ulcer, hernia and hyperthyroidism should not practise this Asana. To know more visit
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