Yoga and Ayurveda are two closely related sacred sciences voted in the Vedic tradition of India. Now if I don’t write about wonder Herbal for obesity, It means, depriving my readers, from the very valuable things of our Ayurveda. Studies have shown that incorporating Herbal spice in our diet has a lots of health benefits.1. Garlic: Garlic is a phytonutrient that contain allicin which produced by the enzyme alliance in garlic. It significantly lower cholesterol, reduces blood clotting in the arteries, helps in prevention of heart attack and also enhance immunity and wards of bacterial and fugal infections.Dosage: Daily taking one or two cloves of garlic is considered adequate.2. Onion: It is antioxidant and regulates blood sugar and cholesterol level. And very good for treatment of cholera and diarrhea.Dosage: Daily dosage of 100 gms of fresh onion is consider adequate.3. Fenu Greek (Meethi): Is good for asthmatic conditions, diabetes and in promotion of lactation in nursing mothers. It also prevents inflammation that can cause ulcers and heart disease.Dosage: Use one gram of ground fenugreek soaked in water and drink once in a day.4.Ginger: It suppresses severity of pain in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.Dosage: Two grams of ginger juice or ginger powder is sufficient, to relieve arthritis pain.5. Green tea: Green tea regulates blood sugar levels and fights mental fatigue. It also shields against Breast Cancer.Dosage: A cup of green tea has about 40 grams of caffeine. It should be consumed without milk and sugar.6. Turmeric: It is an antioxidant and anti inflammatory agent. It helps to treat cold, sore throats, fever, acne, kidney and liver troubles.Dosage: One teaspoon of turmeric powder daily between the meals. To know more visit www.yogagurusuneelsingh.com
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