A healthy lifestyle cannot be achieved by running on treadmills or eating salads everyday. Refreshing mood, good quality of sleep, healthy lifestyle and many other activities that are full of fun and pleasure are also good for your health and fitness. The following smart ways can further add 20-30 years more to your life span.Spend Time with FriendsA social and romantic life is a guaranteed joy. It has a huge impact on your health and happiness. Learn to spend quality time with your good friends.Start a New DietTrying a new diet will become a reason to boost up your health and energy level. Try to eat whatever works for you.Work What You Love DoingIf you have to work a job which is not passionate then it leads to discouragement. Most of the negative feelings cause stress that could damages your body’s immune response.Read a Book per WeekBook keeps your mind steady. Reading is like a good food for your brain, without it you will go lazy and obese.Breathe Clean AirIndoor air can be more harmful than outdoor air. Most of the employees have a major illness related to indoor air pollution such as allergies and asthma diseases. Try to breath in early morning air.Smile at least 8-10 times in a DaySmiling is a great way to give benefit to your body. Like relaxation, smiling can work to offset the effects of stress. It can change your mood. So put a smile on!!Play Brain GamesMind games can exercise different parts of your mind and tempt to your curiosity. Choose social games like chess or puzzles that exercise your brain while keeping you connected with others. To know more visit www.yogagurusuneelsingh.com pic by Vijay gautam
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