How much calcium and vitamin D do you need?The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has released the following guidelines:CalciumYoung children 1-3 years old should get 700 milligrams (mg) per day.Children 4-8 years old should get 1,000 mg per day.Children 9-18 years old should get 1,300 mg of calcium a day.Women younger than 51 and men up to age 70 should get 1,000 mg per day.Women 51 to 70 should get 1,200 mg/day.Women and men 71 and over should get 1,200 mg per day.How does this translate into your daily diet? A 45-year-old could easily get her recommended daily 1,000 mg of calcium by eating:1 packet of fortified oatmeal (100 mg)1 cup of skim milk (305 mg)8 ounces of non-fat yogurt (452 mg)½ cup of spinach (146 mg)Vitamin DIOM recommendations for Vitamin D are:600 international units (IU) per day for children from age 1 to adults through age 70800 IU per day for people 71 and older.To get vitamin D from food, fish is the best option. Six ounces of cooked salmon has more than 600 IU. Other foods containing vitamin D include eggs, liver, fortified dairy products, and fortified juice.Your doctor may recommend higher levels of calcium and vitamin D, especially if you are at risk for osteoporosis. The National Osteoporosis Foundation recommends that adults under age 50 get 400 to 800 IU of vitamin D every day, and that adults age 50 and older get 800 to 1,000 IU of vitamin D every day. To know more visit Pic by Sidd
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