Do you remember a time when you were totally absorbed what you are doing? Hours may have passed yet it seemed like only a moment. Remember what a good feeling it was to be completed absorbed in those moments, How accurate your perception were, and How clear your thinking was, and How alive you felt. The simple example to illustrate Dhyan in action is of a House wife while cooking when she devotes her total mental attention warped in emotional warmth in the process of cooking the cooked food is distinctly different then otherwise.There is numerous method of practicing meditation. This will depend on your physically health, profession, nature and time available. First of all for all type of Dhyan.. Meditation room is to be separately decorated with inspiring picture of great saints, prophets, great teacher with beautiful photo of your god. Then wash your hand legs and face before seating in meditation... For Dhyan morning time between 5 to 7 and in the evening between 6 to 8 is good.OM MANTRA DHYANSit in comfortable meditative pose with eyes gently closed. Keep your back straight and stretched up with the shoulders relaxed. Recite silently Om Mantra with full attention the mind should be fully focused on the rhythmic flow of mantra. Practice minimum for 10 minutes daily and slowly increase the time.To know more visit
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