Meditation is the soul of all religion.

There is numerous method of practicing meditation. This will depend on your physically health, profession, nature and time available. First of all for all type of Dhyan.. Meditation room is to be separately decorated with inspiring picture of great saints, prophets, great teacher with beautiful photo of your god. Then wash your hand legs and face before seating in meditation... For Dhyan morning time between 5 to 7 and in the evening between 6 to 8 is good.A)OM MANTRA DHYANSit in comfortable meditative pose with eyes gently closed. Keep your back straight and stretched up with the shoulders relaxed. Recite silently Om Mantra with full attention the mind should be fully focused on the rhythmic flow of mantra. Practice minimum for 10 minutes daily and slowly increase the time.B)JYOTI DHYANSit in a comfortable meditative pose with eyes open. Keep a burning candle or Jyoti 4 feet from you with the level of your eyes. To start just look for a while then start gazing at Jyoti as long as you can without blinking the eyes. After some time close the eyes and mentally watch the flame. Visualize the pattern ad color of Jyoti. Concentrate on flame for as long as your can hold your concentration. Do it daily minimum for 10 to 15 minutes. Jyoti Dhyan is also one of the parts of “TRATAK SHATKARMA”.C)WALKING DHYANWhen you feel agitated or restless, walk minimum for 10 to 15 minutes down the corridor or at work place or home or in the park. Try to harmonize your steps with your breathing. The repetitive motion of your legs and Arms helps you to enter a meditative state which takes away the anxiety and anger.D)IMAGE DHYANPlace a picture of your God in front of you. Sit in a meditative posture concentrate gently on the picture till your eyes shed tears. Rotate the mind on those pictures feet, legs on chest and the crown of the head. Then close the eyes and visualize that picture. Repeat the same process again and again.E)MEMORY DHYANRead two to three pages of a book. Then closed the book now attend to what you have read focus your attention carefully. Allow the mind to associate, classify group combine and compare. If you attend to the subject on hand very carefully you will receive clear strong impression. If the impression is strong you will have very good memory.F)DHYAN ON THOUGHTSSit in comfortably in any meditative posture. Keep your back upright neck and shoulder relax. Close your eyes gently. Concentrate on whatever thought comes to your mind. Let them come and go after some time thought will disappear. Mind become completely quite and calm. To get the better result to start 15 to 20 minutes a day is good.G). NAD DHYANSit in your favorite Asana. Close your eyes and close the ears with your thumbs. Try to hear the Anahat sound (mystic sound) after practicing for two to three days you will hear various kind of sounds such as flute, thunder storm and humming of a bee etc. Try to hear gross sound firstly you will hear sounds in your right ear. Occasionally you may hear in your left ear also. But try to stick to the sound of one ear. This is easy way to capture the mind. Do it till the time you are unable to hear sound.H) CHAKRA DHYANThis is an advance meditative practice in which the concentration is focused on the various energy center or charkas. There are 7 chakras in human body and they are described corresponding to different endocrine gland. Charkas are (1) Mooladhara (2) Swadhisthan (3) Manipura (4) Anahata (5) Vishudhi (6) Ajna (7) Shasatrasar. Hold your attention on each Chakra for as long as you pleased. Imagine you are breathing in and out from the charkas on which you are holding attention. Try this method of Dhyan for 10 to 15 minutes every day. Perception of these psychic centers will bring to development of the endocrine glands. Which in terms will establish not only firm control of reasoning mind over all action? But also correct the unbalanced psychosomatic and metabolic activities.
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