Shavasana is the best asana to be done before sleeping .Lie flat on the back with arms about 15cm away from the body. Palms are facing up-wards. Let the fingers of both hands curl up slightly. Close the eyes. The head and spine should be on a straight line. Relax the whole body and stop all physical movements. Become aware of your natural breathing, now with every inhalation chant the word SO and with every exhalation think of the word HUM repeat the mantra for five to 10 minutes. Duration should be according to time available. Physical first try to relax the whole body then on the breath. And spiritually on AJNA CHAKRA (Eye brow center gazing is called ajna chakra).BENEFITS: This asana relax the whole psycho –physiological system. It should be practiced before sleep also tries not to move body at all during practice of this asana, because slightest movement will create muscular contraction. This asana works as Ram Barn for. H. B. patients, Heart patients, depression and stress.To know more visit
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