singhrjanasana (Roaring Lion pose)

SIMHAGARJANASANA ((Roaring lion poses) ALLEVIATES ANGER And SNORING .Sit in Vajrasana knees apart parallel to your shoulders now place the palms of the Hands on the floor between the knees, with the fingers pointing towards the body. Lean forward and gently tilt the Head back and gaze at the eyebrow centre. Now inhale slowly and open the mouth and extend the tongue then while exhaling produce a sound from the “aach” keeping the mouth wide. The close the mouth and breath in this is one round. Do it minimum 10 rounds..BENEFITS: Roaring Lion pose is Ram ban for snoring. This asana relieve stress and cerebral tension, alleviating anger, anxiety and insomnia. And this is excellent foralleviating diseases of throat, neck, nose, ears, eyes and mouth. To know more log on to
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