Souren Gupta

Late Sourendra Nath Gupta(Born 1908) was an astrologer and devoted his life to the predictive discipline of Astrology. He was blessed with divine power and dedicate this power for the benevolence of human being. With this power he had an incisive insight to read a human mind and gauge his character. Since his very childhood he knew that he was going to be an astrologer. At the very young age he struggled a lot to earn. He also made his research works on astrology by studying the palms of beggars on the street and also the dead persons at the crematorium to learn the causes of their fate. He never late anyone know about the divine blessings to anyone but whoever came to his contact got immensely benefited. Those who were very close to him experienced about some of the very rare happenings of his divine power; like an Indian prisoner in Pakistan jail who was about to be hanged was released and even guided to cross the border to the safe areas of India or a person who was dead all of a sudden later came to life again for a while to let his family knew about his wealth he saved or a young boy who was kidnapped came home unscathed or woman who became pregnant after doctor declared her infertility.. There are many such happenings but while he was alive he never let any one discuss by anyone. He knew his last day and mentioned this to some of his known and also mentioned that they would never see him last but strangely never told to anyone of his family. He wrote books on astrology and got his works translated in languages. He was also the lyricist and his lyrics were based on devotional songs. He produced over 100 songs during his lifetime. During the years of ‘70s and ‘80s his songs were performed and rendered through All India Radio. Late Kalobaran Das, the noted composer and performer of AIR, composed his songs and also performed in many occasions. Other performers also rendered his songs through AIR. The songs were earlier recorded and the audio CD was distributed through private circulation. It was performed by established artists like Shriradha Bandopadhyay, Saikat Mitra, Jayanti Sen, Shakti Thakur and Prahlad Das Baul. The exercise was intended to popularize the songs.
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  • He wrote many books which were published and preserved on Astrology. You can check them at

  • We feel really fortunate to have this great divine personality on this site. Please click 'Group'' and put this message again along with the photograph so that it will be heipful the other devotees to see.

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