Tips on How to Manage Work Stress

Are you a workaholic? Even during holidays and days when you are just with your family and friends all that you are thinking about is your work and are stressed about it. Here are some really useful tips on how to manage work stress. Before we move ahead with the management process I have a few self analysis questions for you. 1. Do you really like your present work? 2. Do you feel competent enough for your current position and pay packet? 3. Do you you feel pressurized to perform all the time for unhealthy reasons (bad competition/ unprofessional company policies/ unhealthy work environment)? 4. Do you live in a pressure or fear of losing your job or not being eligible for a raise or good rating? If your answer for any of the above is 'yes' then you know where your issue is. Those issues would need to be addressed on priority basis. In case you are not able to pinpoint any specific reason and generally you work in a happy, healthy environment of your choice then some of the following psychology tips might help you: 1. Every morning make a task list of your tasks at the office. It is essential to make this in writing and not must mentally. 2. Then as you go through the day you can keep ticking off each of the accomplished task or keep adding notes as to what needs to be done and how. 3. By the end of your work day you would have ticked off most of the things and just looking at the list would relieve you of the need to carry it all in your mind. 4. Before you quit for the day make another list of the next day's goals and tasks. You can keep this list in your phone on in a notepad in your pocket. This would help you to feel relieved of the day's work and you won't have to worry about something that needs to be accomplished or followed up the next day. 4. You can follow this same even while on a vacation. SInce the mind is often afraid of forgetting it keeps repeating and building stories around your thoughts, these stories depend upon your attitude and can be positive or negative. So once you have everything that is done and everything that needs to be done in written form, your mind has no need to indulge in the same or similar thoughts. 5. During the course of the evening or on a vacation if and when any new thing crops up in your mind all you need to do is to simply add it to your list and date it or put it in a scheduler of What, When, Where, by Whom, for Whom etc. But first you need to be sure that you are confident of your competence and need the company. If you are not confident you would live in constant fear of some or the other. If you are not confident and also a timid personality, it would help to plan a few sessions with a life coach who can help you to understand yourself, where you stand today, your fears as well as your issues regarding work. The coach can then help you to set goals for the future to improve you current work performances or to plan a shift to something better suited for you. We need to understand here that the careers we are into currently may not necessarily be the ones that are best suited for us. the reasons may be related to our aptitude, attitude, personality, priorities, competencies, skills or any other factor. It is okay to keep taking a review frequently. There are always options to everything which may not always visible to us due to either our short sightedness, lack of awareness or simply our fears and insecurities. At such time working with a counselor or a life coach can be very beneficial as this person is not related to you or your profit or loss in any way and can help you with the best non judgmental, objective analysis and decision making. I am confident that something from the above tips on how to manage work stress would be of help to you. Do let me know if you need further clarification or you have any specific related issue to discuss. – Source: Dr Sapna . To know more Pic By Rohit suri
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