What is asana?

What is Asana ?Asanas are well described in Hath yoga pradipika “The posture in which one can sit for indefinite period comfortably is called asana." Patanjali says” stir, sukhasa am," which means the posture in which we can sit comfortable and steadily is called asana."Literally asana means "posture of the body which can contributes to the steadiness of body and mind and a sense of well being. The asana can be defined as a postural pattern one has to achieve this pattern slowly maintain the posture steadily for some time and then slowly release the posture. There are two aspects involved in asanas . (1) Dynamic aspect (2) Static aspect.Asanas are classified in three categories (1) Meditative asanas (2) Asanas for mental tranquility (3) Asanas providing physical strength.Ever asana consists of three stages that are coming in to the prescribed pose, holding it and then finishing it. They should be performed slowly steadily with patience.Different schools of yoga have mentioned different yogic posture in common is 84 asanas. To know more log on to www.yogagurusuneelsingh.com
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