What is pranayama ?

Pranayama:The word pranayama is formed by two words Prana and Ayama. Prana means subtle life force and ayama is voluntary effort to control and direct this prana. "pranyaman means control of the motions of exhalation and inhalation.Stiffness of the body due to blocked prana and a subsequent accumulation of toxins when prana begin to move or flow, the toxins are removed from the system ensuring the health of whole body. And when the quantum of prana is increased as great degree the body moves in to certain postures by itself and asanas and pronayama occur spontaneously. The main object of hata yoga is to create balance between the interacting activities and processes of the pranic and mental forces. Pran it is known as "chi" in china Ki in Japan and spirit in the Christian world. As it said that breathing or respiration is the most vital process that provides the body the necessary oxygen and vital energy from the air.FOUR ASPECTS OF PRANYAMA.(1) Pooraka (or inhalation).(2) Rechaka (exhalation).(3) Antar kumbakha (international breath retention).(4) Bahia kumbak (external breath retention).Though there are numerous types of pranayama but commonly known are (1) surya bhedi pranayama (2) Ujjayi pranayama (3) Shitkari pranayma (4) shitali prayanama (5) Bhastrika pranayama (6) Bharmari pranayama (7) Murcha pranayama (8) palavani pranayama.To know more log on to www.yogagurusuneelsingh.com
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