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We know many truths, deep down inside! Our body and mind is constantly communicating to us on the good and bad choices, but we’ve successfully learnt to silence it, ignore and even forget it!

Take our food habits for instance,
All of us know that a healthy and nutritious diet is essential for a healthy body and mind. It’s key to our survival! It’s essential to keep the sickness away, keep up our immune system and for the overall upkeep of our body.

Yet why do we do things that we do?

Why do we eat at odd times, gulp down food dispassionately just to finish the ritual and even skip meal at times! why would anyone think it does any good to them?

Why do we choose unhealthy, overly processed and foods empty of nutrition? How do you think junk food and soda is helping your body?

Why do we constantly binge on oily, spicy, sugary food to counter all the rainbow of emotions! Why have we forgotten the simple truth that we are what we eat!

Why do we gorge on food even as the body cries out “that’s enuff!” or shun food to match someone’s idea of beauty!
While we treat our body with indifference and disrespect, have you noticed that it sends out subtle warnings in the form of aches, weakness, indigestion and even ill-health? Such foods will cause problems to your body. follow a good a diet and yoga for gastric and acidity

Hatha yoga diet is all about facts we already know deep inside!

• To always eat a healthy and balanced diet
• Following a routine and eating at regular intervals
• Eating fresh and nutritious food as much as possible,
avoiding stale and processed food. Fresh food provides us the prana or essential life force that our body needs.

• Eating half-full. Allowing the stomach to have some room rather than stuffing it!
• Using more seasonal fruits and vegetables, which helps build our immunity.
• Eating to satisfy hunger, not the emotions.
• Eating mindfully, not gulping food on the go!

If we are striving all our life to win bread, then it’s only right that we sit down to relish our piece of bread joyfully!

While there could be more recommendations, a beginner could start off with these small and easy changes in food habits. As you continue with yoga practice, you’re bound to see a shift in the way you eat and choose food. These subtle changes are for you to witness.

Remember that the digestive system is one of the most important organ system in our body which nourishes all other systems. A poor digestive tract is the root cause of many health conditions. A proper functioning of the digestive system is vital for the well-being of body and mind.

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