Ardha matsendrasanaSwami Matsendranatha the Guru of Guru Gorakhnath used to practice and sit down in this asana. Although this is a very difficult asana, it has been modified and simplified and named as Ardh Matsendrasana.Procedure: Sit down on the ground. Bring the left heel towards right side and position it near the chest .Now bring the right foot near the knee of left foot and place it on the ground on its toe. Then bring the complete left arm near the chest and place it under the right knee and over the thigh. Now bring the right hand through the back and try to touch the centre navel. Bend the spinal cord accordingly so that both the shoulders come in one line. Be in this position for some time. When you are tired, open the asana and repeat it from other side. Do it at least two times from both the sides. Keep the breath normal.Benefits and Affects: In this asana we bend our spinal cord on its centre, both the sides, left and right, which affects the nervous system most. This asana makes the spinal cord flexible and strong. This also strengthens the back, shoulders, thighs, arms and the muscles of the back. This asana is very beneficial for the patients of diabetes. This activates the pancreas glands, and the lungs and heart becomes strong .This also strengthens the liver.Care: Those suffering from ulcer, hernia, sciatica, slip disk and the pregnant women should not practice this asana. Before starting this asana we must practice Titali Asana. To know more log on to
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