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The start of my second week, I added another video to my daily routine. I see a little improvement since last week and for that I am thankful. This site and the videos are really helping with my journey. This journey will be long but I look forward to getting my body and mind back where they need to be.

I don't know if anyway relates to where I am or where I have been, but there has to be changes. I am currently at my highest weight ever, been having problems with depression, anxiety, anger(the past few years). Thought I had that behind me. Stopped yoga, stopped taking care of myself several years ago, went through quite a few horrible experiences.

Started a new life, a new start, then all the sudden all the negativity from the past 10 years smacked me in the face. I went to therapy, etc but I realize I need something more, something that will heal me from the inside out.

For the sake of my health and family, reading about different things, remedies and such. I realized that this is the answer to my problems. I just started this journey, still rough at times but I do notice a little difference already. My body is less tense, flexibility is getting better, less body aches as well.

My goal right now is to not give up, to focus on positive thoughts and energy. If you read this I want to thank you for sharing my journey. I do feel alone a lot of times so this is definitely helping. Thank you to the Web site for allowing me to be apart of this and to share my journey and thank you to those that have given me a warm welcome.

Have a wonderful day,
Love, Rose

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