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4 Weeks International Yoga Teacher Training at Europe’s biggest ashram

Learn how to teach yoga classes – in an intensive 4 Weeks International Yoga Teachers Training at Yoga Vidya Ashram in Horn-Bad Meinberg, Germany from July 7th until August 4th 2019. This Ashram is Europe’s biggest and leading yoga teacher’s institute – with more than 20 years of experience in training yoga teachers and advanced yoga teachers trainings.

The Intensive-Yoga-Teacher-Training in English only taking place once a year. Registrations are still open. Get your spot now! It is also possible to only join the course for some parts and to complete it later (from one to three weeks).

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The main course leader is the very experienced Indian Archarya teacher Harilalji. He completed his Basic and Advanced Yoga Teachers‘ Training courses at the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala, attaining the title Yoga-Acharya.

Afterwards Harilalji lived and taught yoga at Sivananda Ashrams, both in Kerala and the Himalayas. Furthermore, he also holds a diploma in Yoga Therapy which he completed in Bangalore with A-grade.

Learn from experienced yoga instructors

His wife Marie Meera Karanath is supporting him as second main teacher of the course. Meera completed her two years Yoga Teachers‘ Training course in 2006 and one year Yoga Therapy Instructors’ course in 2008. After gaining experience for three years as a yoga teacher in Germany she continues her teaching practice at Arsha Yoga, where they live and teach in India.

Harilalji and Meera are now coming on 7th July 2019 to Bad Meinberg to teach the Yoga Vidya Teachers‘ Training Course. This opportunity offers not only the possibility to study under an experienced Archarya teacher, but it also allows its participants to live in Europe’s biggest Ashram for one month.

A unique location to attain a yoga course with a full programme and activities taking place daily.

Regular programme:

  • Several yoga lessons for every level twice a daily
  • Satsang with meditation and mantra chanting twice daily
  • Homa fire ritual daily
  • Several meditation sessions daily (beginners to advanced)
  • Inspirational talks from internal and external yoga teachers
  • Regular concerts and workshops
  • Daily walks and outdoors activities
  • Vegetarian / vegan organic catering twice daily
  • Filtered water and freshly made teas all day

Every year a lot of different personalities, teachers and masters from all over the world visit the ashram to take part in congresses, festival seminars on Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation.

Located in a beautiful natural surrounding the vibrant Yoga Vidya campus has an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Bad Meinberg is a historic spa-town with clean air, fresh water, and miles of rejuvenating hiking trails. The perfect environment for your spiritual journey to evolve.

Enjoy the ashram life(style)

The People living here approach life in a different way. The idea of their work is based on the principle of Karma Yoga, meaning work without expecting anything in return. They choose life quality over material quantity.

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This is also true for the English Yoga Teachers‘ Training Course, which has only a very limited amount of students, ensuring a close relationship between the student and the teacher.

Full immersion in the world of yoga

The one month program gives a complete overview over the different paths of Yoga. A full immersion in the world of yoga. That is also why after you complete the Yoga Vidya Four Week Teachers Training course and exam, you are eligible to join the Yoga Vidya Teacher’s Association (“Berufsverband der Yoga Vidya Lehrer”). It is one of Europe’s leading institutions in the education of yoga teachers.

Completion of the Yoga Vidya four week intensive TTC certifies you at the Yoga Alliance 200 level following your application to the Yoga Alliance organization. This certificate enjoys wide recognition.

Main contents of the course:

1. Introduction Philosophy and Aim of Yoga: History

2. Hatha Yoga: an overview

3. Tantra and Kundalini Yoga: energy training

4. Raja Yoga: mental training and meditation

5. Karma Yoga: Yoga of Action

6. Bhakti Yoga: the devotional approach

7. Jnana Yoga: Yoga of Knowledge

8. Yoga teaching techniques

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During the course a specific schedule will be followed within a specific vegetarian/vegan diet that will allowed the body to be light in order to do asanas and will allowed your mind be balanced. The meals are prepared with love and care; all ingredients are strictly organic.

The International Yoga Teachers Training course provides you with a educational base for your own personal practice, as well as the skills to teach a variety of classes to all types of students.

If your aim is to develop your personality or experience yoga at a deeper level, this course is highly recommended.

Yoga can change your life and the way how you look at it. More than 12000 people have already made use of this beautiful opportunity to become a yoga teacher in the Yoga Vidya tradition. The final goal is to spread light in the world through health and happiness.

Joining this program will improve the quality of your life and the lives of the people around you.

Don’t miss the opportunity!

Get in touch:

Haus Yoga Vidya Bad Meinberg
Yogaweg 7
D-32805 Bad Meinberg
Tel. +495234 / 87-0
Fax +495234 / 87-1875
E-Mail: badmeinberg[at]



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