8 Ways That God Often Use Communicate to Us

Often people ask Why? When? Where? God speaks to us and then they are often talking about an audible voice. There may be different things happens to different people since God treat each of us as His unique children. God can do anything with us. When God speaks to someone, it is not an audible voice but an internal one. The words of God never ambiguous or unclear, they are straightforward and cut to the core. It may be that some thoughts are unclear in our mind they probably didn't come from God.
Sometimes the words of wisdom we receive do not come from our self. God uses the signals and scripture to say something to us but sometimes we can't understand and apply things to our life that give us comfort. God leads, directs, love and speaks to each of His children in very intimate personal ways. Since we are different for God, the ways to communicating God also are different and unlimited. However, below are some ways God often uses to communicate with us.
* Through other believers-
God can speak to you numerous times through other people like a friend, a parent, a teacher or a preacher to convey His message of truth to us. The message of God may be a blessing, a warning or a prophetic truth about our lives. It depends on us, whether we hear it or not. We are the God's children and He loves us unconditionally and will spare no expense to show us. We should at least believe in Him.
* Through His word in general-
God gives us the instructions and principles for life by whispering and sometimes shouting. We should avoid false logic to interpret Scripture by other Scripture. If someone claims, “God told me to go kill someone other!” would you believe? Of course not! God never break His own principles. That is not the voice of God. All the Scripture is “God-breathed”.
* Through nature and God’s creation-
Nature and God’s creation shows us the invisible qualities and eternal power of God. By the beautiful creations all that God has made, we can “hear” His voice. An ant's strength to store up food all summer long shows industriousness and wisdom. The vegetation and growing of a plant shows you the miracles of death and rebirth. All creations speak something.
* Through music-
Praising God through music, you can sense the His presence and voice. Praise through music brings you instantly to attention and command on thoughts. The music brings an excitement, comfort and passion that open your ears and hearts to lift your spirit. It gives you peace of mind and you feel yourself more close to God.
* Through prayer-
God’s spirit makes intercession for us and He speaks to us through His Spirit, through prayer. A prayer makes our mind clearer and our hearts more sensitive to God. A prayer is not an appeal. We try to communicate with God through prayer by true heart. God's Spirit confirms a certain direction or answer for us without a literal voice. Sometimes during a Scripture or a truth comes in our mind that we can directly apply to the situation.
* Through circumstances-
God sometimes uses the circumstances to get our attention. Sometimes we want to do something and circumstances speak us to do that or not. Such as If we want to buy something costly and circumstances are not confirmed that, it may be that there is something that you are neglecting as red flags. God sometimes uses the circumstances to test our faith. We should always try to interpret the things that happen to us.
* Through His spirit-
God’s Spirit speaks to us through our conscience. Sometimes you feel that an idea pop into your mind totally unexpectedly and sometimes it pop directly after a plea to God for help. God is the source of every gift and good ideas. The Spirit sometimes warns us and sometimes helping us to do the right thing.
* Through His son, Jesus Christ-
The New Testament is fulfillment of God’s special plan and gospel. It is says that the relationship between us and God is like sheep (people) and Shepherd (God). The sheep follow the Shepherd by His voice since they recognize Him by the sound of His voice and He leads them. We always try to listen and recognize the voice of God.
Since God treat each of us as His unique child and we are all different for God. So, God have unlimited ways to communicate or speaks to us. No one have a personal, intimate relationship with God. If there are unclear something, you may go to your pastor and discuss your dilemma and problem with him to get a clear cut answer. If you give the faith to God, you will get more faith in return. Your faith form or shape your lives for better.
By- Sattva Yoga Academy

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