A Productive Rant About Yoga For Children in this Digital Age

‘My kid is just 4 years old & already knows how to surf youtube’! How do you find this sentence?

A moment of pride or concern? ‘My child never goes to sleep without first watching a tv show or movie’!

Do you have this type of complaint?

Both the questions might have their own answers but what they hold in common is one parallel factor and that is the Digital Age, its countless boons yet some bothering influences. Needless to mention why and how the digital age is the ‘new needed age’, however, what needs to be mentioned is the scenario it is leading to and ways to manage the damage. 

The digital age has brought ease to every segment of society. But considering the most delicate yet highly influenced minds - ‘children’, it is now impacting a little contrary. To jump on these impacts, here are a few of the many to name- temper tantrums, reduced attention span, lethargy, poor memory, decreased immunity, obesity & never to forget, the junk food cravings. 

When children get everything delivered at a lightning speed, they unknowingly develop impatience. It deviates their focus on unimportant things making them less competitive and argumentative too! Every parent is concerned about his/her child’s health, mind, and future. This blog will share a substantial cure - Yoga for Children.


Yoga is more than a stretch!

Yoga & Ayurveda, the ancestral science of movement, calmness, and mindful eating paves a path towards healing. Let us today decode the principles of yoga for children and how it showers its benefits on the little minds and bodies-


1. Morning & bedtime routine

Let them harness the power of the sun and accept the calmness of the moon. Make them perform suryanamaskars and chandranamaskars. It will give them a powerful deal of breath control, postural movements, and meditation. Among the many benefits, here are some- reduced digital obsession, improved imagination & creativity, calmed nervous system, increased patience, self-awareness & confidence (no stage fright henceforth!). A complete digital detox, regularly!

2. Managing special disorders

The most common disorder visible among children is ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Yoga helps reduce some of its core symptoms like hyperactivity, inattentiveness, and impulsivity.

3. Making them mindful 

Peer pressure is powerful. But a child yogi can surpass it too! They also do not fall prey to the path of drugs and smoke. Yogic knowledge gives them the clarity to make the correct decisions.

Recollecting a quote from Swami Satyananda Saraswati-

‘’The destiny of the whole world depends on little children. If you want to see the silver lining on the horizon it is not you and me, but children who have to be spiritualized.”

4. Instant energizer 

Dull or nervous moments, especially during exams can be instantly energized by just a few minutes of bhastrika pranayama.

Note- although yoga is for all, expert guidance at least at the start is a must. Yoga institutes in India like Kaivalyadhama curates specialized programs of yoga for children

If yoga could speak, it would certainly have said, ‘’Given a chance, I promise to help your child grow into a healthy adult’ 

So Go Yoga! And set a healthy foundation for your children.

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