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Everyone likes to be young no matter what the age may be.Unlike Trees & Plants, the growth of which isn't limited,
growth of Human beings definitely comes under certain limit.When a newborn baby grows, all its organs including brain grow.But until a certain age, probably between the age of 18 and 22, a person's body shows longitudinal growth(Length wise). after this age one can grow laterally( growth in size), Actually this type of size enlargement is mostly due to deposition of fat under the skin.After the age of 32 to 35, all body functions tend to decline.But in case of tissue damage this can be corrected by a process of cell division - Re-generative power of our body,which also decreases with advancing age.
Graying of hair, wrinkling of skin & defect in vision are some external signs of ageing & likewise there are internal changes also occur.All systems including Nervos system, Cardiovascular & Endocrine systems undergo degenerative changes & their activities start to fall down as age progress. The glory of the skin is due to the presence of collagen tissues under the skin,but with advancing age ,they loose their power of elasticity & the skin becomes wrinkle. Colour of the hair is determined by the pigment - Melanin, produced by cells known as melanocytes , the activity of these cells also decrease as age progress.
Some predisposing factors may acclerate the process of aging ,such as habit of smoking, taking alcohol & physical inactivity & so on. Researches are on world wide to find out a solution to delay the ageing process. But Ancient Yogies & Maharishis gifted us with the art of Yoga by which it is said the process of ageing can be reversed.Kindly visit -

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