An Electro-Madnetic Field

The affairs of life are like a powerful magnetic field that holds us riveted to them. We have so many things to do, and when we are not doing things we are worrying about things we haven't done or things we will or might have to do. It goes on and on. No wonder we get so stressed. What do you call this? Some people call it 'life', they have come to accept it as normal, others call it the rat race, and maybe some call it madness or insanity. For the purpose of this blog I have called it an Electro-Madnetic Field.An electro-magnetic field depends on a power supply. When the power is turned off, the field is gone. I think we all need to learn how to turn off the power supply to the MADnetic field that deprives us the freedom to enjoy the presence of God. When we do this, we can become conscious of the Spiritual magnetic field whose qualities are peaceful, harmonious, balanced and joyful, yet they are deep, dynamic, nourishing and healing as well. They can make us smile with joy, but they can also bring tears to our eyes as our pent up negativities are released and replaced by light, love and gratitude.Denis Gibbon.
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