Basic Steps in Meditation

Meditation is a method that helps an individual connect with his inner self, by detaching himself from the outer world and all its occurrences. It is not just an action that yields spiritual benefits but also provides development in emotional, mental, and physical areas as well. True meditation can be practiced by following certain steps that are advised to be learnt under trained experts.

Basic steps for proper meditation:

The primary steps to be followed during meditation have been categorized into two broad sections, which are:

Concentration -
The concentration meditation is a major form of meditation wherein the practitioner has to focus his/her entire attention towards observing or immersing the self into some object or task, which may comprise of anything from focusing on a single dot to listening to some religious hymn, etc.

Mindfulness -
A rather difficult form of meditation, the mindfulness action requires the practitioner to detach himself from all kinds of external occurrences and try to connect with his/her mind. The meditation practitioner generally performs passive observations and tries to recognize and comprehend the working of the mind at different instants of time.

General steps for meditation:
Apart from the above two steps, meditation can be performed by following a number of other steps, often varying with levels of physical ability, mental and emotional needs, spiritual sense, age and gender, and many other factors. Some of the general steps have been stated below:

The concentration step in meditation requires complete focus, which obviously requires the selection of a particular object or task or any theme for focus.
Meditation is done to calm the nervous system; hence the selection of a suitable environment is a necessary step. The place chosen for meditation must be a quiet and serene one, exclusive of the regular chaos. The positions being practiced during meditation must be comfortable for the individuals practicing them.
Meditation involves breathing exercises, which should be done at a slow pace and correctly so. Deep breathing is advisable and should be practiced properly to yield best results.
An important thing in meditation is that the individual must never be worried about the progress in condition or perfection in meditation techniques, as that would reduce the concentration levels for real meditation.

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