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Booming Career Options: The Benefits of Becoming A Yoga Instructor

Modern life becomes more and more stressful and demanding. The individual has to be efficient,
competitive and 24/7 available. Hence, the need for inner peace, balance, and a healthier lifestyle
increases popularity amongst all age groups. Yoga is growing rapidly all over the world and is now
given much importance in both developing and developed countries.
Yoga career opportunities have increased manifolds since declaring 21st June as World Yoga Day.
Many embassies all over the world hire yoga instructors and provide a good salary.

Numerous jobs available in governmental and private sectors
Yoga is a scientifically proven alternative system of medicine that has in-depth potential to cure
various physical and psychosomatic diseases. Regular yoga practices reduce depression, burn-out,
anxiety, eating disorders, and insomnia. Chronic back pain, injuries, abnormal blood pressure and
acidity can be controlled.
A large number of yoga instructors, therapists, trainers, and managers is needed in the health and
tourism sector. Yoga Instructors earn secure and appropriate salaries and find work anywhere in the
world. The average wage lies at 40-60$ per hour. Thus, we can say that becoming a yoga instructor
offers booming and lucrative career options.

Becoming an internationally recognized Yoga Instructor
To become an internationally recognized Yoga Instructor, one needs to complete a certain number of
hours in a Yoga Teacher Training in India.
A yoga teacher training India offers 100 to 500 hours of intensive practical and theoretical course
content. Major and minor topics of yoga such as meditation, alignment, anatomy, and philosophy are
covered in-depth.
Yoga Career related questions about a studio/retreat set up are discussed and answered as well.
A Yoga Teacher Training India aims to emerge the aspiring teacher into a journey of self-discovery
and spiritual growth in order o shares his or her knowledge with others.
Yoga Teacher Training India at Yoga India Foundation
There are many yoga schools and ashram to chose from, however, Yoga India Foundation in
Rishikesh is the leading educational institution for a Yoga Teacher Training India.
Yoga India Foundation offers the most comprehensive and complex programs with more than 500+
graduates per year. The well-established Yoga Teacher Training India Programs provide an excellent
foundation for an international yoga career.
The Yoga Ashram introduces Ayurveda, Nutrition and alternative healing therapies as additional
course modules along with their 200 Hours yoga teacher training in India, 300 and 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training India.

About the author: Sophia Lautenberger
As ERYT-500 (Experienced, registered Yoga Alliance Trainer), Sophia has been teaching and traveling
the world for the past 8 years. She completed more than 1000 Hours of Yoga Teacher Training all
over India and enjoys to share her experience and knowledge of yoga with others. Sophia taught
various yoga retreats and training in Bali, Spain, and Greece and emphasizes her passion for learning
yoga in India. She visited Yoga India Foundation in 2016 for an advanced 500 Hours Yoga Teacher
Training and fell in love with the peaceful and healing energy there.

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