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One of the best things I have realized in my short time of doing yoga is the progressive awareness in defining the pain of chronic pain and fatigue that has joined me in my life over the years. What yoga has done, (never thought I would like yoga), has changed my outlook upon life, my spiritual side, and the surrounding of others of people, place, and things. Enjoying the fact that yoga is not only an instrument of inner music, but it also allows a meditation from within so deep that the love and passion has grown wider within myself.

Enjoying so much, my son has become interested in meditating with me after my yoga session, this is great news as he has been practicing the music bowls ever so slightly with the soft sounds that enlighten energy. I have changed my office in my home to now my yoga sanctuary using my chakra's to divine all areas that make it so blissful. The oracles have ever been so good to me these past few months. Going back to work and have been able to manage my pain with the thanks to yoga, mantra, healing meditation, and the beautiful essence of doing yoga vidya as my number one source of healing pains.

If those are suffering with pain, slowly adjusting to yoga and the all the essentials that it manifests within is highly recommended. One day I will open a small yoga studio just for those with chronic illnesses so there is a place that allows slow healing in an inner peaceful sensation. I am looking so forward to this, only, one day at a time must be my place right now.

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