« Polygraph » is intended as a portrait of human relationships turning to the sour, hinting at the necessity of constant kindness and genuineness. The suite lasts about ten minutes and is composed of the following four sections : « Exposition, » « Confrontation, » « Deliberation, » and « Vindication. »

While the introductory movement describes a heated yet still somewhat civilized exchange, the second chapter, « Confrontation, » aims to depict the often difficult yet cathartic experience of having to stand one's ground and defend one's views when criticism or outright attack threatens one's balance and inner peace.

The section was originally conceived as an instrumental wherein a dialogue between guitar and saxophone represents the conversation as it devolves into somewhat of a shouting match. Eventually though, I experimented with replacing the already written notes with words, more as a literary exercise than in an attempt to convert the piece into a sung duet. The undertaking proved harder than I had expected, but in hindsight that's what made it even more worthwhile. The lyrics are presented below, and assuming the HTML is preserved as posted, the replies of the guitar should appear in black on the right side, while those of the saxophone should be seen in white on the left side.

I am here to tell you

In this
I know better than you

I have
Learned about it
It cannot be otherwise

And all
Who disagree
Can only be telling lies

Please do
I have this to tell you

In this
Don't let no one fool you

Better to trust your own eyes

Don't let
Try and tell you otherwise

Confide in me
It is the truth I've read it

It does
Not have to be
We can transcend this limit

No way
No one
escapes the consequence

There are
Flaws in your inference

Untrue !
Be wary folks !
Do not hear this influence !

And what
About this quote
See I have the reference

Baseless belief !
Nothing but pseudoscience !

See this
More positive evidence

I will
Not accept this
You're banned from the conference !

Unfair !

Get out !

I'm not done !

Go away !

That's mean !

Who cares !

Let me in !

Out you stay !


Shut up !

I won't !

That's enough !

Don't boss me !

Stop !

Stop me !

Silence !

No way !

I warn you !

Oh no you don't !

You're wrong

Says who ?

I do

Small wonder

You're claim is false !

It's true !

Nonsense !

Here's proof

You're lying !

Good luck with that !

Leave now !

Make me !

Obey !

First hear me !

No I will not !

Then I will stay
Give me my say
These are no lies
Apologize !

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