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Yoga also known as dynamic yoga is the latest way of getting fit. It is fast becoming a popular way to fight obesity and lose weight. The core of yoga is Ashtanga yoga and is best if you want a shapely body or shed extra pounds. It is sharper and more intense than the routine yoga and can be practiced by anyone.

So if you want to enjoy the yoga benefits, keep the following useful tips in mind.

• Select open ground like garden, building terrace etc. as it will encourage you to practice yoga.

• Concentrate fully on each pose.

• Practice yoga thrice a week and that too for approximate 45 minutes each day.

• Develop a proper sequence of yoga before you start your yoga session.

• Always try to follow proper series of exercises.

• Stay comfortable and wear sweat absorbent clothes.

• It involves difficult poses, so seek guidance of professionals.

• Avoid over-exertion. Try to do slow but steady power yoga always.

• Take the help of yoga videos available in market that best suits your need.

• Do asanas that your body can perform easily. Never try to confront your body in positions that are hard to undertake & can end up with physical injury.

• Give your body time to adjust the yoga moves. Do not rush through the asanas at the initial stages.To know more visit

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