Energy (Urja) and five elements

My dear friends, AUM,We all know that there are five elements (Tatva) like Earth(Prithvi), Water (Jal), Air (Vaayu), Fire (Agni) and Sky (Akash) present in cosmos and in human body too. The most prevailing method of gaining energy is from Air element (Vayu Tatva) i.e. is by performing Pranayam. "Pranayam" is nothing but a rhythmical respiration. It has three steps like (1) Inhalation (Poorak), (2) Holding breath (Kumbhak) and (3) Exhalation (Rechak). One has to inhale to the fullest capacity of his lungs and exhale completely. Oxygen with every inhalation, comes in contact with each and every cell of body, removes deposition of carbon and comes out in form carbon dioxide with every exhalation. Let me tell you that 20% of oxygen inhaled, is been consumed by brain and rest 80& only is supplied to rest of the body. Now just imagine, what exactly happens, when you don't inhale and exhale fully. Carbon remains with the cells in the body due to lack of oxygen required to remove them thus resulting in many disease. Hence, one should form a habit of inhaling and exhaling to the fullest capacity of his lungs. It will make a miracle.I shall continue the subject in next posts to follow i.e. how to gain energy from rest of the elements.
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  • My dear Ramdasji,

    Thank you very much for your comment on my blog. As desired by you, I am giving hereunder the easiest method of performing Pranayam.

    Close your right nostril with the right hand thumb, now gradually inhale with the left nostril to the fullest capacity of your lung. Close left nostril also with the middle and index finger so as to hold or retain breath for sometime. Now open your right nostril by removing thumb and exhale fully- gradually. This is one cycle. Now inhale with right nostril, close right nostril and hold breath for sometime and exhale from left nostril by removing middle and index finger. This is second cycle. Practice this for 15 minutes daily. While inhaling, concentrate on your breath and think that you are inhaling "Urja" (energy) from the Air Element (Vayu Tatva) and while exhaling, think that all the toxins from your body are being removed with the exhalation. You will feel within a fortnight that you are charged with the energy.

    All the best.

    Dinesh .
  • thank u for your Pranayam guidance and if you give some more details, like how it is to be practiced etc, I hope
    it will be much helpful to me
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