With the Covid-19 that began earlier this year followed by the subsequent lockdown in major continents of the world, life came to a standstill. While our office work shifted to “work from home” and physical classes became “online classes”, something that we all missed doing was keeping ourselves fit.

Our routine of hitting the gym or attending physical yoga classes came to a halt, and we all were stranded at home, trying to figure out how to keep one fit. But, with everything shifting to “online mode”, your fitness should not be left behind.

Many yoga centers and yoga teachers shifted to online mode and started an online yoga teacher training course. You would have come across advertisements by many centers showing “Online 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course” or “Online yoga course”. This has come as a lifesaver for many of those who could now resume their routine of staying healthy and fit in the body.

How Reliable are Yoga Teachers Online?

When it comes to the Internet, reliability does play a significant concern, given that there are many fake profiles found to be tricking people. Hence, the best way to ensure that you don't fall prey to any such scam is by doing proper research and opting for those courses which are provided by known names and websites in the field of Yoga.

To stay on the safer side, you could also take recommendations from your friends and family for those who have opted for such a course or happen to be aware of the same. This will minimize the chances of you getting scammed, and you will also find a reliable teacher.

Benefits of a Yoga Teacher Online

1. Saves Time And Money

Instead of spending extra time and petrol to go to the yoga center or the yoga instructor's place, you could perform Yoga at home itself while your yoga teacher trains you through an online platform. It is exceptionally beneficial for those who are always running within tight schedules.

Moreover, online yoga training courses are cheaper when compared to physical ones. Hence, just icing on the cake for you is to save your money and time together.

2. As Per Your Convenience

When you are going for a physical class, you might not be the only one in the class. Hence, it might be difficult for the yoga instructor to focus on you and your postures amid ten more people.

However, through online yoga training courses, you can ask for individual classes and even request your yoga instructor to practice with you for a more extended period. Hence, you can learn and practice your yoga asanas and postures at your own pace and convenience.

3. Accessing The Content

When you are part of a course online, you might be having access to the same for a very long period or even for a lifetime. Hence, you can revisit the course content whenever you want, to refresh your mind and keep practicing.

When we attend physical classes, we can't take note of every instruction and advice laid down by the yoga instructor within such a short period; hence we tend to miss out on essential pointers. But when you are attending an online course, you can take note of all the vital points and even revisit them if you feel you have missed out on something imperative and crucial.


Finding a suitable yoga teacher online is not as difficult a job as it sounds. It just needs a bit of thorough research, and you can always enroll yourself for such a course that will keep you healthy and fit, during a pandemic or no pandemic!

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