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God is all that we can imagine him to be,
And he can be just beyond that imagination.
He can be gentler than the gentlest breeze,
And more fierce than the hurricane.
He is the Lord of creation,
But is also a lady.
He is simpler than the simplest,
But more complex than complicated.
Smaller than the smallest,
Yet larger than the largest.
Closer than the closest,
But further than the farthest.
Friend to a friend,
Father to a child,
Wife of a husband,
And husband to a wife.
Wiser than the wisest,
Yet innocence at its best,
Present in the specifics,
And also in the general,
Energy, mind, and all objects,
The whirling of the unending cosmos,
That hurls gigantic worlds,
From the atom to the galaxies,
He sometimes defies all logic,
To walk as a man among us,
To be a human, and yet a God,
Nay the Lord of all creation.
What is impossible for him?
Who can be at all places at once,
Who holds the secret of manifestation
In his heart.
What magic flows from his mind,
As the Pranava that stirs the sleeping
Worlds to action,
What laws will he think up next?
The rythum of creation,
Like the humming of a bee,
From him, reverberates across
The unending folds of space and time,
Mover of all action,
Yet the repository of all peace,
All hail to you loved one,
Who is all around, and yet within us too.
May my thoughts be quiet when
I know I am,
May my voice be silent
When I say I am,
For to reflect in the I am,
Where he is,
Is the greatest blessing,
The most sacred covenant.

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