Gopal writes about Swami Vishnu & Swami Sahajananda

Swamiji told us if we could ever feel for even a "second" the peace He has felt in meditation His work or (His life) then it was worth it.He said, the whole struggle was to be able to focus the mind.He said, when He was in Rishikesh with Master Sivananda he never missed Satsang. Dr. Sivananda Advaryhoo, the greatest Karma Yogi master has produced also always went to Satsang. When Swamiji was alive in his Ashram all the staff and Swamis' went if not He would ask were you were. Watch and see what they do in 2009. I really don't like to talk to people that don't go to Satsang while living in an Ashram. Satsang brings Master Sivananda and Swamiji into your life, no question. Always remember the 80% rule and you won't waste your own time.Paraphrased from 21 years ago !!!Swami Sahajananda was a Sivananda disciple from 1949 He told Master Sivananda, " I don't like the people here, ( Rishikesh), I don't like the food, and I don't like where I am staying." Sivananda said, " Well you don't like anything ..." You can go back to South Africa and get started there.Get started He did He was a Swami for 38 years when I had the honor to be with and work with Him for 4 months as I distributed many of the Sivananda books that came from the printing press. A few thoughts from Swami Sahajananda :1. The only thing you have is God's name.2. 80 % of the people in Spiritual life are running away from something.3. If anything is ever printed from this Ashram it must have Master Sivananda's face on the cover.4. Talking about Adults in his Ashram : I've scolded,fine $$$,sent away people for infractions and nothing worked. Now I'm going to start to work with little kids...5. Woman will begin to run the Universe as the men have failed.6. The Hanuman Chalisa ( which is recited daily in His organization for 50 years) has seen to it that no woman or children in their Congregation has ever been abused.I told Krishna Das that and He said he has always had the idea was to make a DVD to teach the world this Bhajan. Now it is out into the world, so beautiful.If you saw Swami Vishnu, you saw Swami Sivananda, if you saw Swami Sivananda maybe in his books, you saw God.Peace out,Gopal
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