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Guest of God!

I had come across a very good emo-devotional song classified as the ''Bhav Geet'.The song , in my mother tongue Gujarati ,has a spiritaul drive and its written by an unkown 'devottee'

The words are touching as those have come out of the teachings of one of the saints of our times in my geogrophical area .And when I start remebering the event where it was sung, I JUST go back and Re-Live in those wet and great moments filled with flowing tears , to make me feel very royal.I get GOOD AMOUNT of boost up !

The song creates a profound realtionship .Realtionship of GUEST-HOST. Afterall ''To be is To be Related''. Means existence is saying me that I am related to THE SUPREME POWER ..This song further takes us in strong reunion with God in the form of guest-host relationship.

And thoughts emerges like a blooming flower! I must be a good guest! I must be honest with none less then God . Everything in THIS WORLD is for my pleasant stay .But never should I feel evrything is mine and never grab the things and put it in the pocket from this house of my host.As its a dishonesty with God. Beautiful world is not subject of my possession! ''.

To be is to be related. I am related to the universe and to The Creator. It entirely depends on my self development, how I relate with The world and The god. Normally and subconsiously we develop realtions with every living being and unliving thing and it can be classified as
1) Bhog 2) Bhav and 3) Bhakti...relation.
For an instance , lets see three different persons looking at a Mango tree,and see how they think about the tree at the first time?

The first person immidiately thinks about the mango's market price and feels that he should possess it and consume it...thus he develops a selfish relation with this tree and its called ''Bhog' relation..he thinks that whole creation is for his possession.

The Seccond one, better person of course, looking at the same tree starts looking at the tree with the artist's eye and enjoys the beauty of the each of the leaf ,its colour texture and get up and looks awefully at the mango and the tree , not thinking about possessing this beauty.This is ''Bhav''and possibaly a song comes out from the heart describing the inner beauty of the creation .

The third one , now when looks at this beautiful creation ..gets so involved that he starts thinking about creator while looking at such beautiful creation and forgets the rest of the world and starts singing the song in praise of the creator and falls in love with the creator rather than the creation itself...and it becomes ''Solomon's Songs''!


Thus Bhav ( asthetic emotions) takes us to Bhakti( devotion) and Bhog( materialistic attitude) takes us to the DISHONESTY with the creator .

To expalin it further , similarly mothers may develop three different types of relation while upbringing a child. The first one while upbringing , thinks that the child will similarly take my care in old age. The Second mother may just look at the cute face and get amused and feel care free .And the third mother may just see God in the child and upbring the child without any self interest to please her God and take a role of '' work is worship and care taker''. She feels this child is not mine but its DIVINE and serving the child is service to God.

Generally, a normal person in different times in different places feels and passes through all of relations randomly and oscillates amongest them. This Bhav Geet...'' Guest of God'' makes me to stay THERE for long time in Bhav and Bhakti..and makes me more honest while dealing with the paradoxical situations of the life . !
Isn't it really great to feel royal ? We are the guest of the supreme king of this Universe !

''This world is not my own home.

I am the guest of God

will stay as if my own home

will not say this and that is mine

one day i have to go....

As i am the guest of God!

HE is the royal host!''

Such emotions and meaning really caught me and i went on the long pilgrimage !

Good host GOD!..

Before my arrival evrything is kept in order so that i have a lovely stay IN THIS WORLD .As an instance ,there were no teeths and he had arrnged the Mother's milk.when there were teeths many different recepies were palnned
Am I a Good Guest?..

The good guest is one who does not take undue advantage of the host.must be trustworthy. Must not create nusiance of any type. Must be accomodating and plesant and friendly and who can appriciate the things .

This song creates such a beautiful rythem of thoughts! THe ''Bhav'' emereges out and in a very subtle way it takes the form of ''BHAKTI'' (Devotion). Compell us to sing '' I am the Guest of God''

And ..say that ONE DAY I HAVE TO LEAVE ,when I leave this house of God..I will leave a piece of decoration on its wall and thats nothing but my deeds which beautifies this beautiful house of God...!

by Dhiraj Gangani


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