How to start a home yoga practice?

9078804465?profile=originalOne of the best aspects of yoga is that you don’t need loads of equipment to start your practice. As long as you are committed towards your practice yoga is accessible and it is inexpensive too. Although there are lots of perks of practicing yoga at a studio like there will a someone to observe you always and you got to meet a lot of practitioners. Also, you will learn a variety of yoga sequence and that is something one shouldn’t ignore.
However, sometimes getting ready and drive all the way through the studio is a bit overwhelming and a bit time-consuming. Practicing yoga at home give you a real insight about your body and practice and help in fitting seamlessly in your lifestyle. All you have to do is to be consistent.

Here are some of the tips that help you to start a home yoga practice

Find or create a quiet home space

This is the first and foremost; you don’t need a huge space. All you need is a small and quiet space where you can start with your practice and get stocked with a good yoga mat, some yoga props if needed. If you are practicing near a wall then it is great but the most important thing is that should be spacious enough that you should be able to stretch your body without bumping into something.

Priorities your time

One of the best parts about practicing yoga at home is you can be flexible with your timings; However, it is a bad thing too. If you are just starting with your yoga practice then it is essential to stick to a routine to let the magic of yoga unfold. Schedule a time for your practice whether it is in the morning or in the evening. Even if it is 15 minutes but show yourself on the yoga mat and as you progress it will help you to develop into a steady practice.

Choose a sequence

If you are just starting out then go easy on your body and start with some beginner-friendly yoga poses at home and embrace every aspect of it. Connect with your breath and let your body and mind get united as you move through the yoga poses. When you are aware while practicing you allow yourself to experience every sensation you are going through at that moment. Start with a beginner-friendly yoga poses like a cat-cow pose, downward dog pose, warrior I or II. Or you can practice sun salutation as it is the perfect sequence of yoga poses that works on a different part of the body.

Also, the sun salutation is a perfect sequence to prepare your body for some advanced yoga poses like backbends and arm balances yoga poses.

Incorporate breathing exercises

Practicing yoga at home give you an ample amount of time to incorporate some breathing exercises and build a practice of meditation which you might not get into your yoga class. Even it is a simple practice of Anulom Vilom, ujjayi breath or Bhramri pranayama; practicing these breathing exercises during your yoga practice-focused. Also, end your practice with quick savasana or meditation to soak in the energy of your yoga flow.

Let your body take the lead

If you get used a set sequence then get on your yoga mat quietly and follow its lead. Move around and stretch your body and try to perform a different yoga pose or try a new yoga sequence and let your body speak what makes it feel good. It doesn't have to perfect or fancy and it shouldn’t unless your body feels that is right for you.

Cut down some slack and keep practicing no matter what

Practising yoga at home can be challenging as you might feel demotivated or lazy sometime. Also if you are someone who has the habit of practicing yoga in the studio or someone who has recently finished their yoga ttc; you find it difficult to practice between your works but the key to stay motivated is to get on your yoga mat even if you find it difficult and explore the limit of your body. Once you get back on the mat and started practicing, the magic of yoga take over you after a while but the key is to get on the mat with an open mind.

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