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Moving across the path of life if you have time to peep around and see that people are getting more and more involved into the spiritual path, but do we need to forget what is there with us and search for something that is yet to be discovered?

Moving with the pace of life today i got an opportunity to visit an OLD AGE home and my heart was in tears to see the souls from various aspects of caste and culture clubbed together under the same roof, thrown away as rotten carcass. The eyes can been seen fixed on the door for a glimpse of their beloved one, whom they can love, talk and smile with. It seems as years have passed which have just left tears in eyes and sadness hidden deep within the time wrinkles of the face. Today what they wait is just the DEATH as they have discovered the truth "NO ONE IS GOING TO COME"

The scene made me think that, would we be able to discover the hidden truth of spirituality and get anywhere near to GOD if we are far away from HUMANITY? Many a time i have overheard souls speaking that they are happiest person on this globe as they have everything in material as well as they are well placed with our guru on the spiritual track.
I would request everyone out there to look within self and also within their dwellings, are you connected with the GOD who is there with you?

Here GOD means your parents, as they are the creator of YOU on this earthy plane for this incarnation. We make them cry out for small things and their needs at this age and we say we are WELL PLACED in the society.

It was they because of whom you are there today shouting out loudly to the world that you are the happiest person, just walk back in time and see what would have happened if they would have decided to not bring you to this world or throw you out on the streets after your birth, you would have been hunting for your identity till date if that would have been the case.

There could be a EPIC that could be written on this topic but what i want to say in small and sweet is that, till we do not consider our personal creator as GOD we would never come near and would never discover the HIGHER GOD.

Please look back as it is never late to rediscover this FORGOTTEN LIFE ESSENCE.

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