("A Little Boy Riding a Donkey" by Niko Pirosmanashvili)

« Ignorant » is one of my first compositions ever, and was originally written for acoustic guitar and vocals.

The general idea behind the piece is that of lack of knowledge, and how it can lead to damage, even in the absence of ill-intentions, by leaving a door open for misguidance to come in.

The song ends on a call to integrity, hinting at the idea that happiness does not need to come at the end of a relentless pursuit, but rather that it is always available along the way to one whose thoughts and deeds are in alignment with their values, hopes, and dreams, and who remains true to their heart :

Back to when I was ignorant
Simple child, open, wild, and free
Sun and shine never went for long
Clouds and rain never cared for me

Then I heard what you said and mistook it for real
« Pursuit of happiness is the highest ideal
Here's what you have to learn, here's how you should become
So you can get your share of the wealth that's out there »

Unavowed as your confusion
Was the truth I needed to see
The answers that your principles
Can’t provide to anybody

Had faith in what you said, are you sure it is real ?
I can’t reach happiness please tell me what’s the deal ?
All that I seem to find is more doubt in my mind
What am I doing wrong ? Have you lied all along ?

Say, have you considered
Before you taught me of your way to see reality
I can't make any sense in having all the world to me
When I just need to be

Back to when I was ignorant
Simple child, open, wild, and free
Tell me just how could I have guessed
The ignorance of those guiding me ?

There's so much to unlearn, now I see it’s not real
As empty as the words in that hollow ideal
How can one aim to find what comes in its own time ?
Leave your concepts behind and you'll find peace of mind

Say, how often do you wonder
If everything you’re working for
Is worth all that wait

Say, how often do you ponder
Pretending that all is fine
When you can’t bear your fate

Say, have you ever loved
Or are you waiting for the day
When it’ll be too late ?

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