Importance of a Sadgurudev

Every one has his own understanding level on each segment of material life where we most of the situations directly face and interact so the results come accordingly which we accept willingly and unwillingly both but since we see the results of happenings by our gross eyes thus we find no options except taking them as they come.
Whereas in spiritual life on finding truth of divine knowledge and about God which are much hidden and the base to believe is one’s own experiences on the sector he worked for or involved. I can say very truly that spiritual life is very sacred which cannot be talk baseless as these all spiritual knowledge have come to us one by one after experiencing both ways theoretical and practical which again one needs to experience the provided quotes/knowledge by self-realization.

One’s understanding turns into belief after self-realization and it turn into truth later on.

A very beautiful hymn is quoted in Hindi:-

“Nana Panth Jagat May Nij Nij Guna Gaway
Sab Ka Sar Bata Kar Guru Marag Laway”

“Guru Kripa Hi Kewalam Guru Kripa Hi Kewalam.”


There are many different religions, castes, societies, belief and their followers in this world thus people do try to convey and spread their own faith and experiences to whole societies and somewhere they feel pride to say that their religion or God or guru is the best in all ways. However, Sadgurudev reveals the correct way and tells the significant truth of life and guide truly in all ways. Therefore, a Sadgurudev is required in one’s life and keeps importance very much.

Therefore, Sadgurudev blessing is must in all ways.

-Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda

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