Choosing a teacher training course is an investment in yourself that yields lifelong transformation physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. As such, the program you choose ultimately contributes to the way of your growth. With more than a decade in the field of yoga, Yoga Teacher Training by Sharada Yoga Peeth with a profound knowledge of yoga techniques in the training content and structure. This course concentrates on teachers training in holistic level and we believe that learning is a continuing process. During this course, students will expose our style of practices and hence, teach to others to will flow naturally. Our intention is also to create a strong relationship between students and our community before and after the course completion, to make yoga accessible to every person in the world. I encourage you to look beyond the surface structure and search the depth of each course. Before choosing yoga teacher training course, reflect upon the following essential elements:-

5 things about yoga teacher training course:-

1. Mission and Vision:-
What are the mission and vision of program? Is the heart of the program in alignment with your spirits?

2. Lead Trainer:-
Yoga training required that each program has to lead trainer, and there is no need of co-trainers. Who is the main trainer? How will the main trainers have yoga teaching experiences?

3. Program History:-
It is essential to check, how long has the program been contributed to yoga training? History matters- some programs have longstanding contributions to the yoga field in offering yoga training.

4. Yoga Alliance Approval and Certification:-
Is the yoga course approved by Yoga Alliance? How do you become certified Yoga Teacher after course completion? Yoga Alliance required 180 Contact Hours- how many non-contact hours required outside of the program in order for you to gain certification? An internationally recognised certification from Sharada Yoga Peeth certified by USA Yoga Alliance will be awarded on successful course completion.

5. Learning and Teaching Style:-
What will teaching style be emphasised? Are the survival and sacred learning? Is it authoritarian or non-authoritarian? After completion of course, you will able use this power to develop your own unique teaching style. This is authentic and mindful. You can remind past to teacher who made a positive impact on your life and strives to pay it, forward in your own student

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