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Lead a simple life. Let your thoughts be lofty. Fear God. Speak the Truth. Love all. See your
own Self in all. Be honest in all your dealings. You will succeed in your life and God-realisation.
Never worry yourself on any matter. Be always cheerful. Use your common-sense and
reason always. Have a balanced mind always. Turn your mind towards God. Sing His name. Thirst
for His Vision. Be sincere at heart. The Divine Grace will descend on you.
Have a strong determination and iron will. You have got everything to transmute yourself
into a sage. Apply yourself diligently and ignite the spiritual dynamo within. Exert. Plod. Ignite.
From "Light, Power and Wisdom" by Swami Sivananda (1987-1963). More Informations on Swami Sivananda: on the Website of Divine Life Society, Photographs of Swami Sivananda, German Pages on Swami Sivananda

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