Lectures of Swami Vishnu etc.

978 Tracks of and about everything Swami Vishnu said He could talk about Yoga for 6000 years ! Master Sivananda started out under a tree doing Hari nam, after a few years there were problems and he stated He wanted everyone to learn all the Yoga's. He usually would do the Maha mantra when invited out into the public as there are no rules. Swami Vishnu didn't have a "singing voice " but Master Sivananda would have Swamiji chanting at the railway station at 0530 in the morning, Swamiji never felt embarrassed to chant. When Swami Vishnu did chant it was like a freight train coming thru, the best. His disciples especially the woman chanted like Angels from above ... He said, " That the Vocal Cord's natural language was Sanskrit and the vowels (16) held all the power." He said, you could leave Him in a cave with a Srimad Bhagvatam, Mala beads, and his Prananyama and He could stay for the rest of His life.Such an honor to have studied with him. There is a big reunion of the older devotees being held this summer in Canada or the USA. Can't wait. Got into this Yoga at age 23 years old, I'll be 53 years old this year ! Laughing." Those who serve rule." Sivananda"If anyone is a fraud in the name of Yoga they need to be exposed." SwamijiGopal
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