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This Asana has to be done after the Sarvangasana which i had mentioned earlier.
Matsyasana, as the name suggests which means like a fish.Here,your body resembles a fish in this asana.
For this keep your legs in a stretched position first.Then fold your legs as you sit in padmasana pose.i.e[Bend your left leg and place your heel on the right hip joint and likewise your right leg on the left hip joint.] This way ,keeping yourself in padmasana, lie on your back without raising the Padmasan from the ground.Now slowly try to raise your Chest, Trunk and Head by bending your back well; by resting your head on the ground..Then catch hold of your toes.Remain in this pose for about 1 to 2 minutes.. Those of you'll suffering from cervical or other severe back pains,refrain from doing this .Or those who are on the obese side, may find it difficult to hold your toes. So you may just lie down by simply keeping your knees bent. You can refer to my picture on number 3.
Advantages of this Matsyasana: Your body becomes flexible.The stiffness disappears.the lungs, the cervical portion, pituitary, endocrine glands get stimulated and they play an important role in the functioning of the systems of your body..
For beginers, it may be a bit difficult to lie in padmasana pose, but one can attain perfection with practice. Initially , the body will be a little stiff, but with regularity in your asanas, one would definitely get the results.

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