mayurasana ( peacock Pose )

mayurasanaWhen we practice this asana the shape of our body becomes like that of a Peacock that is why our yogi’s have named this as Mayurasana.Procedure: Sit down on the ground in Vajrasana. Bend forward raising your thighs and chest. Join your elbows together and take them at the centre of stomach. Now put complete body weight on your elbows and raise your legs and knees from the ground. Practice it for few days at the start. After some days when you get good practice spread your legs behind like the feathers of a Peacock and keep the head straight. Make sure that your elbows are at the centre of the stomach. Keep your breath normal. At the beginning practice it for3 to 5 seconds and then increase the period gradually.Benefits and Affects: This asana cures the stomach ailments and constipation. The heart, chest, spinal cord, arms, legs and ribs get strength and become stronger by practicing this. This brings glow on the face, enlightens the total face and increases the vision of the eyes. It is said that the Peacock eats the snake and digests its poison; in the same way by practicing Mayurasana we get power even to digest the poison.9078789078?profile=originalCaution: Weak and old people, and those suffering from High Blood Pressure and heart ailments should not practice this asana. As this is a difficult Yogasana, it should be practiced under the supervision of a yoga teacher and do not do in a hurry .By practicing regularly, it becomes easy to do this asana. .To know more log on to
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