THE WORD, TANTRA, which is made of tan (body) and tra (application), refers to meditative rites for mystical transformation of the consciousness to transform the entire self — both body and mind. It is a sacred science.

Everyone has had tantric experiences; but it is not always simple to notice them. What a novice cannot understand, mystic can. Tantric experiences allude to astral reverberations and activation of supra-senses in whole or part of the body system. Tantra sadhana means destroying all tamas (asura) guna (essence of negative feeling or thought of mind) and dwell in satta (deva) and guna (essence of positive feelings or thought of mind) by using several instruments of mind purification.

How is this achieved? Or what goes on at the very, very micro level? Let me try to explain this, if it can be explained. What tantra does is it recaliberates cellular vibrations, rays and colour emitting and reception logic of the body by stabilizing the 10,00,000² cycle/second vibration of the adult body to 10 cycle/second, where 0 cycle/second is the point of absolute stability known as nirvikalpa samadhi, which is the ultimate goal of a yogi. In this state, the mind is tranquil, without any thought. At that moment of stillness, a yogi lets cell vibrations get retuned.

What happens then is an enigmatic step-by-step series of scientific processes — from recalibration of breath to re-channeling of prana to the core calibration of transponding frequency of astral rays to calibration of charge buoyancy of the cells to aura calibration. This is not all. There are still other intricate processes. Tantrics believe that it takes 1, 86,300 yoni travel or birth to complete the cycle of human birth. Going by this, it takes an advanced yogi or tantric a minimum of 40 to 99 years of dedicated practice to compete the process of tantra sadhana. Do keep in mind that an advance yogi means one who has already achieved certain degree of sadhana or purification of mind.

A rigorous and proper practice of true pranayam and kriya slowly brings the yogi within existence of tantra satta with profound rites. But any such practices require proper guidance of a master to avoid fatal consequences of paralysis or even violent death, which means another cycle of yoni travel to restart the process.

As the process of attunement of mind and body in parallel is mandatory to withstand the extreme jolt of astral power or charge transponding via different transponder unit of the body, commonly know as kundalini chakras, the most important part is to direct this charge through correct channel among three principle channel called nadis in resonance to reverberation frequency of prana or life force as per transcendental causal logic. Tran-receiving of astral and or causal plasma charge through ones body in tune with ones soul and mind is tantra sadhana or a practice of transcendental mystic life.

The tantric experience of consciousness is an ever-evolving process that develops through transcendental practice. This process of supreme development of mind and body results in supra-senses getting connected to atman and with pram-atman. It transcends the unknown cosmic barriers. This is achieved only through precise practice and sacrifices of desires of power and rewards coming from it. This mystic practice shall lead to the experience of extraordinary ecstasy as one shall come to know truths of universe and cosmos via sruti and other trans-communications, and become a part of the system administration as a servant of the absolute. This is a technology of mind and body that will lead you to know yourself the nano sample of the cosmos, deeply and profoundly.

Tantra is a pragmatic way to loosen the bonds of unconscious, habitual behavior and thereby start to live more freely and fully. It is the art of becoming super being in image of the absolute. In the end, there is nothing at all to do other than be in the transcendental cycle as a servant of the system for its maintaining of harmony and resonance.

So, a true tantric is a supreme individual who practices tantra. S(he)cannot be a casual fortune teller or a black magician or a mimicker. To be a tantric, one has to be a yogi first. The so-called fortune-tellers, who claim to remedy of your life problems, are not tantrics. They are cheats who want to make money from your misery. A tantric is a servant of the divine entity. It takes the HE to HIM, the cosmic creator. Shiva Sakti
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