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The Parabrahma Paramatama is immortal whereas the body is mortal yet a person experiences all happenings, feeling remaining in this body only and through this one attains the totality and come to know about Parabrahman Paramatma and other deities and their divine powers also.

Our objective should be live in full of happiness and being involved in all kind of functions one should remain in unaffected state just like a viewer. In a way, we all know that our existence, this material body, all exteriors nature and substances are having limitation of time and they will be no longer afterward yet we are running after mrigmarchika. It is one of the biggest illusions and that have to be erased in order to get absolute state.

If one can remain in a Sanyasi life while having complete Grihasti Life, if he can sacrifice his ego, all material luxury while living in a wealthy life (Like remain in Sackchibhao), if one can remain in with full of love, pure (chaitanya) and having no wickedness quality even after reaching in height of material and spiritual knowledge (gyana). These look impossible but can be achieved and he who attained such state the then he is a real yogi. Indeed, it is difficult for a common human but after all an ordinary get turns into an extraordinary.

If such states come in ones life then we can call him as Yogi, Gyani and Sant or Mahatma. Afterward he becomes able to proceed further to the stage of Samadhi who is called Sadguru.

We need to live our life with full of happiness, as this is the only life we have gotten and the best opportunity to enjoy all kind of situations they come. No matter, tides come and go in the Ocean likewise difficulties also come in our life so face them with tactfully and attentively. One has to look for self-enlightenment also so that he can have the power to sustain the situations in a better way.

Therefore, one has to keep on try for receiving such divine or spiritual knowledge and power also and use them for self-growth and noble works as well.

Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda

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