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It is obvious to say the trance is a special state, but it is not much more common than you may recognize. A daydream is a complex of unfinished desires which come out of subtle mind. Trance is not a common platform.
Any person who experiencing pain could feel the degree of pain and then try to recollect his memorable feelings of his past in order to abort from real pain. Trance may not be used as pain relief. The conscious mind does not accept pertaining to trance. Watching television is one way to divert the quantum of pain or suffering to escape from reality. Mind actually fabricates to avoid from pain.
We cannot assume the state of mind during trance, whether it is in transition, fairly it’s as still water. Further, Trances cannot be plenty which emphasise its unique quality of mind. Trance is a dimensionless subtle mind. It does not mean anything like still water, a crystal clear of mind, far beyond thoughts, goals, and achievements as well. The rhythmic movement of a dance produces emotional activity of physiological concern which means feeling ecstasy. Trance is the state of mind which is susceptible to receive any commands to accomplish any goal that is emphasised by any external means. It is not as easier to enter in to trance and not a usual thing. The addictions are induced by gratifications. Thoughtless, calmness of mind and feel rather feathery weight, that renders people are interested to attain in to trance. Trance and meditation are alike for a layman, when experienced they are quite often different state of mind. Trance is thoughtless, involuntary and more subtle, while meditation is a process of enlightening consciousness. Preceptors, merely root fellers are determined on alternatives by inducing tranquilisers, ultrasonic devices which exacerbate the minds of disciples. One practices either trance or meditation in perception would become benign. Trance remains obscure when connectivity is poor and beyond normal ken. Trance invokes the intelligence within mind and activates with circumstances.
Trance, meditation and spiritualism are alike? Sages integrated everything in spiritualism, as a Cultural heritage, so what is spiritualism, is it a process of personal transformation in accordance with religious ideals. Does trance stand for religious spirituality.
Ritual music is a universal way to address the spirit world and provide some kind of fundamental change in an individual's consciousness or in the ambiance of a gathering. Volume and tempo arouse feelings in the listener by rhythmic music, such as Shamanic drumming for the purpose of inducing a range of ecstatic rhythms. It is a fallacy that rhythmic music awakens the intelligence through trance or consciousness.

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