Pattimari's poetry that won in webook projects

Siddhartha Reaching LoveAuthor: pattimariWord count: 49Siddhartha, do you feel the lightleading to deliveranceother paths foolish and deadasceticism and yogado you no goodexploring selfunearths you the sparklingwealth in spiritfilled up with river’s beautynature stirring your totalityLove is the openingto your total spiritualitypattimari, 2008How we Write a Poem?Author: pattimariWord count: 55How We Write a PoemWriting a poem is all about lifeobserving the worldall around usWe write about loveeven an old rusty gatea farm full of lifeenjoying and releasingsomething inside of usOn the right trackwhen we usewords to expresswhat’s inside of us.Pattimari, 2008Love’s PassionsAuthor: pattimariWord count: 43Love’s PassionsLove’s whirling passion burns deep withina heart full of love she can’t hidejust beneath the skinshe feels stridewithin love and consistentshe is full of prideand never distantwith the passion that burns insidepattimari, 2008Healing and Learning to Love Again~Author: pattimariWord count: 109Oh gentle wind under a love struck moonyou rapture me within the light of hopefolding me into elationwrapping me and filling me upyetfear is buried spaciously within this heartnotched scars still linger hereA whimper slices through my skinas I look not here and turn to shuddered fearCan you feel my apprehension? My hesitation?Standing out of love for its recoverywithout help and filled with soundpassing and wanting deliverysomeone came and rescued menow I'm in the healing zonereaching wellnessto begin a newand walk underthe gentle wind under a love struck moonpattimari, 2008---------------------------------------------Poems that won in project>HIDDEN TREASURES - The Sequel to LOOKING GLASSWrinkled DreamsAuthor: pattimariWord count: 48To wander in visions of the mindlate at nighttraveling into nighttime gloriesunravelingfloating into wrinkled and torninto the traveledcrinkled dreamaway into the foggy trails ofa day's experiencewhere radiance meetand smooths the wrinklesin that dreamy away land.pattimari, 2008-----------------------------------------------won in project> Looking GlassOutside Looking InAuthor: pattimariWord count: 50There she stood, looking inA table filled with meat, no taxes had to be madenow ain't that a sinbut they stayedand never paidOutside, a table stood filled with graintaxes were always laid into the hands of themisn't that a shamePattimari Sheets-Diamond---------------------------------------------------------Won….Poetry For All (WEbook )Love Full of the SaneAuthor: pattimariWord count: 48When it's early in the morning and birdsare singing against the window paneyou might wonder if love is a platterfull of leaping funny thingsoris it more complicated?It's more like tradinggaining and receiving wisdomwithin the walls ofthe sane.pattimari, 2008
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