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By Vishnu ER

In today's world hardly anybody trusts anyone anymore. Many parents don't trust their children; many children mistrust their parents and even their own brothers and sisters, We don't trust our neighbors, nor our politicians. Nations often interact on a basis of mistrust as well.

It is as if people don't feel they have enough time to trust; they don't have the time it takes to develop that level of trust. Nowadays, people walk, talk, eat and even breathe very fast. The usual way of greeting each other is a quick, "Hi, how are you?" and by the time you turn to give your response, you look around and the person is already gone. A very hard and fast work life-style has replaced a life of peace and love. There is no time to smile. Instead of sparkling eyes, a cheerful face, and a sharing of beautiful greetings, there is only worry, day and night, "There's no time. I've not much to do," has become a king of modern-day proverb.

What happened? How did we get this way? It began when we lost touch with our true feelings. Feelings became negative and because of these negative feelings, the intellect began to question the value of its own truth. Ultimately, doubts like this started to destroy whatever inner power or strength we had.

When the oil in the car runs low, the engine starts heating up. This is what happens to humans when the 'oil' of positive feelings begins to run low.
They continue to move along in their journey through life, but they are heated individuals, holding a lot of anger inside. In one second they get irritated, annoyed and lose their inner peace. This is why there is so little quiet, peace Conferences. Instead of peace, people have ended up simply dividing themselves into more and more pieces.

Where there is no experience of true feelings, the lives of human beings become very empty. Hopelessness, fear and discouraging feelings have made people's lives very shallow. However, the basis of negative feelings is negative thinking.

Think less, think quietly, think in peace, don't think uselessly. This is what is really needed. Keeping the heart filled with good, true feelings require the right balance between the brain and the heart. Actually there is no need to think very much. The habit of thinking too much has made everyone's brain very tired and weak, and therefore easily influenced, especially by the negative vibrations that are all around.

Because we have been using the brain far more than the heart, something somewhere has gone wrong with feelings. The feelings of the heart have disappeared from life.

I have to be careful not to use my brain too much. My feelings are my main focus. Make sure that they are pure and true, because I know that if my feelings are true then whatever the brain thinks will be right. You could say it is like a different kind of intelligence, based on a completely different way of using the brain. When feelings are pure, the brain automatically begins to think right thoughts, based on those feelings.


We need to understand deeply what true feelings are. True feelings are feelings which connect us to our divinity... Our innermost, highest truth.

The idea that true feelings are the basis of trust is a message that should be made very clear and shared with everyone.

Everyone should now experience their good, true feelings and begin to cultivate that faith. Go within and experience these true feelings because a lot of feelings from situations in the outside world have accumulated in the self and because of that, the true and natural feelings, like feelings of love, are not being experienced. I need to separate myself from the feelings which have come from the outside, and now experience my true, inner ones.

Start by taking the time to experience them, and then begin the practise of putting these true feelings into your everyday life: your relationships, activities and so on. Three qualities emerge when your feelings come from this level of positivity. They are purity, truth, and determination. With these, you will find that the need to do a lot of thinking is removed. When faith operates on this level of truth, it is guaranteed that the purest desires of your heart will definitely be fulfilled. If not today, then tomorrow.

Hopelessness disappears. In fact, it becomes impossible to feel hopeless. True feelings connect you to your inner power and strength.

People are distanced from their pure, true feelings because they have grown fearful of speaking up and voicing them. In fact, many are not able to live by the truth. There is fear of standing up for what you believe in. Inner truth, such as peace, power, happiness and many other values that are needed in your life, can be easily discovered when you turn within for the purpose of internal change. Yet, it is as if people have chosen to keep these treasures hidden. They think that if they were to start believing in such things and behaving accordingly, they wouldn't be able to survive in this world. So they continue with their lying, cheating and wrongdoings. And they support each other in this deception and dishonesty. There might be moments when the intellect regains its faith, and for a while trusts the higher, inner voice. However, within a short time, doubts emerge, such as, " How will I be successful if I continue like this?" In this way, doubts are created about the value, of their highest truth. It is the beginning of not being able to trust their own self. This, then, becomes the basis for not being able to trust anyone else.

When the brain is continually exposed to negative vibrations, sad and unhappy feelings are accumulated. Figuring out how to contain all this is disturbing to the self, yet there is fear of speaking out. You are afraid to communicate from the heart. Because you are unable to trust your own feelings, you are reluctant to talk about them. There are doubts about how others will perceive what you say. You wonder if it is all right to speak, whether the one you are speaking to will like it or not. You start thinking that, maybe you
won't be understood, that, maybe there will be criticisms or comments, so it might be better not to speak at all. Your self doubt creates fear, and this fear becomes an obstacle to communication. Because of this, even though you desire to communicate, to express yourself, it doesn't work. Doubtful, negative thoughts have weakened the brain, allowing misunderstandings to be created very quickly.

This is how Godly feelings, which are buried under the negativity and fear, get locked away even further. Ultimately, this leads to depression.

An open heart is a big part of the solution. Find the time to try and understand each other's feelings. When the heart is open, it is easy to share your feelings. The face loses its sadness and becomes cheerful.

However, the basis of an open heart is trust. And the first step in this is self-trust. You will not be able to trust yourself if you are distanced from your inner truth. Therefore, continue to cultivate your pure feelings, and self-trust will grow automatically. This, then, becomes the basis for being able to trust others.

True feelings create a clean heart. When the heart is honest and clean, it is easy to pick up on the true feelings of others. When the heart is clean it is natural to feel what is in the hearts of others.

When our interactions are filled with the good qualities of pure feelings, God starts trusting us and that is when everything really starts getting very beautiful. To work with pure feelings reflects faith in God and this becomes the basis for God's trust in us. Faith in God is a very necessary first step. This is how I know that everything will work out very well. Every step I take and every thought I create is filled with trust in God's trust. When we work with courage in this way, God's help will always be with us. This puts an end to hopelessness.

When people come to you with a look of hopelessness on their face, say "no, don't have such feelings", because they will make one unconscious. It is when you go unconscious that the beautiful experience of trusting God is lost and so you start feeling that there is no more hope. This is when people begin to do things from ego. However, such motivation is not supported by true feelings or faith in the intellect, so what will be the result?

The only way we will be successful is when we are able to work together as true companions in the task of world renewal. The need of today's world is that we learn to work together in the right way. However, before becoming companions to each other, we first need the steady companionship of our internal, highest truth; that is, the true feelings that come from qualities like selflessness, honesty and humility.

There is only one God and of course, he will bestow peace on earth. However, before that can happen, we must first become His honest, worthy instruments. We must become trustworthy; that is, trusted by God. Experiencing His trust in us teaches us how to trust our inner voice. Ultimately this is what then allows us to hear the voice of God.

Our own inner voice, the voice of God, the signals of time, and the needs of people - all these 'messengers' are telling us that what is really needed now is -'trust'. Our only aim now should be to raise a collective, universal voice filled with that trust which is created from true feelings... the faith that no matter what happens, truth will prevail.

Inner happiness and strength are the tangible rewards of this, which in turn help us to continue to move forwards.

When the heart works with pure feelings, it reaches out and touches the pure feelings in the hearts of others. This enables the intellect to function at a purer level. Pure qualities in our behavior and relationships emerge as a natural consequence.


Feelings of genuine friendship are needed. Life depends on the quality of our feelings... just as the quality of our relationships are founded on the caliber of our feelings. So the ability to transform the world is also dependent on the quality of our feelings.

Scientists use their intellects to produce many wonders and miracles for the world. The intellect is used to understand matter and transform it. However, the power of silence, also uses the intellect... for the purpose of turning within and changing the self. Shouldn't the power of silence also be able to create some miracles and wonders?

One feeling we should have always is that one day, across the entire planet, there will be only a sharing of true feelings, based on faith. Let's easily share this vision with others by our faith in it. We all shall have firm faith that change must happen.

Everything is possible. Everything is in our hands. It all depends on us.

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