Reality and Truth

There is only one Reality or Truth. That is Brahman or Atman. All appearances are unreal. They are the effects of Maya, the illusory power of Brahman.

Swami Sivananda

Taken from Amrita Gita, by Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj, 1887-1963. Copyright Divine Life Society, Muni Ki Reti, Rishikesh. More Informations: Sivananda photos, Sivananda Video, Books by Swami Sivananda

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  • The Brahman or Atman is real but to say all appearances are unreal so what are those appearances? This means our physical body, all thoughts are unreal, and if this physical body is unreal then how we can consider that the Brahman or Atman is real, as this is unseen part and said that it resides in soul of every living being.

    Since the existence of Brahman/Atman is real which can be felt through a deep faith so I would here like to say everything and all appearances are true whether they belong to internal or exterior nature. If the Brahman is real then its creation is also real and it does not matter whether they are effect of maya or illusory power. If this is unreal then all the creations as such, knowledge of every gyana whether they are related to material or spiritual life are unreal because every aspect which we see at present has been drawn according to the feelings and experienced received by oneself through spiritually and illustrated further in detail for the development of all human materially too.

    What is Maya or Illusion? It is an outer layer of thoughts on Mann, which guides an ordinary person according to its own power, as ordinary person does not have such power to control over his Mann, caused he lives in illusion and thinks that he is him who does every thing and can do everything. In this case a common human use his brain mostly but not use his viveka too that is why he gets surrounded or affected by such illusions.

    On the other hand, once the Maya is cleared through the power of Brahman that resides in soul then every thing gets wiped off and able to experience the truth, receives the spiritual knowledge and powers automatically. Here in this case he surrenders to his Atman totally and follows the guidance shown from within and able to combine both brain and viveka as well in his life.

    A most famous example on Maya or Illusion is the battlefield of Mahabharata where the Lord Krishna removes the illusion/maya from the Mann of Sri Arjuna as he was not able to see the fact with his exterior eyes but could see it through his internal eyes (Gyana Chackchu) awaken through divine electromagnetic power (Shakitpat Kriya) by Lord Krishna.

    The physical appearances of all warriors were true but the main object was that Sri Arjuna could not get away of the internal thoughts that what is right and wrong. He was not able to know his own Atman caused could not control over his Mann but when he come to understand the truth of thoughts the very next he proceeded for his job taken in hand and complete the same without any further delay.

    So thoughts come in our mind are also true as all functions are being happened under the guidance of Brahman so we cannot say that all appearances are unreal. We say real to those, which appear, physically in our life but next we say to unseen happenings are unreal

    Actually, the body that has two parts as spiritual and material life and those who believe in only material life are unknown about their internal life caused they run after for only outer comforts which returns them unhappy ultimately. they gradually end their life accordingly living in half part of the life but those who are enlighten themselves spiritually enjoy both the life completely. Because they have power to control over their mann totally because they have conquered over their mann and know how to erase so-called maya and illusion totally from their thoughts caused they remain in Brahmananda or Akhandananda and guide the world accordingly afterward.

    We know and have experienced that the Soul (Atman), Mann, Prana and Subtle body (Suckchma Sarir) are our internal parts of the body and called nature just like outer one. They are real but in unseen state so we cannot say that they are unreal.

    To get realized with unseen parts is basically works through Atman and Mann and uniting them is known as receiving Brahman and afterward further path of gyana starts from there once a person attains this state receives gradually the state of totality which is called Samadhi.

    Therefore all appearances are real the only thing is that how one realizes them spiritually for that only path is left that is SPIRITUAL SADHANA.

    Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda
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