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Sri Swami Satchidananda's Notes

Know that you are already liberated. You are never bound. Thinking that you are bound is ignorance. As the pure Self, you are never bound. The true Self is eternally pure, unchanging, immortal, never tainted by anything. It is always peaceful. But you don't see your true Self, you see the image of your true Self on the mirror of the mind. So when the mind gets tossed, the image is disturbed. The image seems to be assuming qualities because of the mind. The image seems to be bound. So you look at the image and say, "See, I'm bound." But in truth, you are never bound. If you still feel that you have to liberate yourself, the only liberation to be achieved is to liberate the mind from the selfishness that creates all these disturbances in the mind. Liberate yourself from the personal ego, the "I-ness," and the "my-ness,": "I want all those things. I must have everything." Liberate yourself from this. Then you will be always peaceful; you will realize the true nature of your own Self.

OM Shanthi, Shanthi, Shanthi

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