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Be courageous, candid and modest. Respect your superiors. Be ever vigilant. Have perfect
control over anger. Become the source of all good. Act according to the words of sages and saints.
Rely on your own Self. Endure suffering patiently. Be patient. Persevere. Help is bound to come.
Be devoted to God. Purify the mind. Sit in a solitary place for some hours daily. Withdraw
all the senses from their objects. Bring the mind under control. Turn it towards God. The Divine
grace will descend upon you.
From "Light, Power and Wisdom" by Swami Sivananda (1987-1963). More Informations on Swami Sivananda: on the Website of Divine Life Society, Photographs of Swami Sivananda, German Pages on Swami Sivananda

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