Remembering The Ashram

Truly its been a revival for me to come to this community and this site and to be in the company of fellow yogis like you. There I have to correct myself because when I compare myself with you all I see the difference. All of you are adepts and teachers of yoga running your own ashrams and studios while the last class of yoga I might have taught at the Sivananda Yoga center in Trivandrum Kerala may have been fifteen years back. Nevertheless in Yoga there is no comparison and the first breath of Pranayam or the first asana takes one back to the memory of the Gurus, and the parampara or lineage started by Swami Vishnudevananda.Even though Swami Sivananda was the mentor of Swami Vishnu, we have not seen him, except in pictures, and our personal mentor even though indirect for many of us is Swamy Vishnu. Members who have come down other traditions please forgive my nostalgia. The wealth of Yoga which we have received so lavishly is truly a blessing for which I might have done some valuable karma in my past life surely not this one Lol. I must thank Sukhadev Bretz who is a great teacher himself for inviting me and bringing me here into this great ambience. My thoughts go back to the Ashram in Neyyar dam where I learned under the relentless tutorship of Swami Shankaranda. The experience of the Ashram will be the most cherished one in all my life
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