Remove The Veil

Remove the veil of ignorance which is hiding your real Svarupa. Destroy egoism, the sense
of duality, sense of separateness. Your real nature is Satchidananda. You are identical with
Brahman. Never, never forget this.
Always protect yourself from evil influences. Do not allow the spiritual Samskaras to be
obliterated. It is difficult to regain what is lost in spirituality. Exercise Vichara, Viveka, always.
Utilise your will to resist evil influences.
Develop your will-power by driving desires, by Titiksha and great patience. Acquire peace
by contentment, Santosha, Vichara, Satsanga and great patience. You will shine in your own glory.
From "Light, Power and Wisdom" by Swami Sivananda (1987-1963). More Informations on Swami Sivananda: on the Website of Divine Life Society, Photographs of Swami Sivananda, German Pages on Swami Sivananda

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