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These past few days, restless leg syndrome in my legs have been cramping when I lay to sleep. Now on Psyche Truth, there are a few yoga meditations and techniques that relax the muscles, however my plan is to be in complete shivasana
Corpse Pose | Savasana | Yoga Pose that can help me relax my nerves beneath the muscle to allow complete relaxation so I can rest...

Restless legs has this impulse to move the legs without wanting them to move. At least for me. Lifting my legs to be in a L shape and hold my legs allows the energy to flow. Then to bend in my chest to take deep breaths. It is most rewarding not so much with the RLS as much as it is with my inner energy to ease and comfort into my own self. This is also part of my chakra growth, especially with sacral and root chakra. The first and second chakras are most challenging and yet I find yoga vidya to transform this process.

If anyone has RLS and can share some more healing exorcises pertaining to the sacral and root, please, please don't hesitate to share with me.

Sometimes I wonder what is worse, Fibromyalgia or RLS.....Training my body was in the mainstream until this week of the holiday's and I have got myself off guard on what my mission is to heal inside.

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